About Precious Rebels

Precious Rebel instruments are hand picked individually from various sources and locations around the world. Each is chosen for its color, shape and unique characteristics for Dunbar Studio's artists to create one-of-a-kind playable finished pieces of art. Concept designs are transferred from drafting table to instrument surface followed by meticulous hand application of genuine SwarovskiTM Austrian crystals to complete the art.

Precious Rebel instruments are individually fitted with custom hardware and accessories to enhance the playing ability of each art piece. All Precious Rebel instruments are fitted with RFID technology to ensure collectors that they are in possession of a genuine and original Precious Rebel art piece. Each is documented and security cataloged by Dunbar Studios. Precious Rebel guitars and musical instruments are designed to be more than beautiful sculptures or simple musical tools. They are an integration of technology, art and music meant to be played, displayed and enjoyed. 

 It's time to play.